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Z-28 Pictures 2004  20 Year Class Reunion
2005 Pictures Show West 2005
My Raku - clay  Necklace Dec. 1, 2005
Raku - Statues 1/27/06 - Unfinished Clay 
Bedroom & House Pictures (farm house)  
2004 Pictures Movie Trailers
Old Pictures - family & kids Movie Web - info on movies
Trudy & Brad - my sister and brother-in-law Video ETA
The Internet Chef - any recipy you can think of Hobby Lobby - an arts & craft store in Sioux Falls
Madison, South Dakota Michaels - Arts & Crafts
Visit England - lots of interesting tourist sites Ben Franklin - Arts & Crafts
Other Sites of Interest Search Engines & Others
South Dakota UPS - Quick Cost Calculator
Lottery USA - check latest numbers  
TV - guide Social Security Online - popular names
Help On and About The Internet Magazines - different magazines on the web
SDAEOP - South Dakota Association of Educational Office Professional U.S. Universities by State - big list
NAEOP - National Association of Educational Office Professional News & Media

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